Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Amarok 1.3 + MusicBrainz on (K) Ubuntu Hoary (continued)

A few days ago, I posted the availability of my Amarok 1.3 packages for Ubuntu Hoary. Meanwhile, I noticed there was a problem with the MusicBrainz functionality... it didn't work! When I clicked the "Fill-in tags using MusicBrainz" button, I always got the message "No tracks were found in the MusicBrainz database"... for every song I tried.

Someone at the Amarok forum pointed me at a link which described the problem and the solution... GREAT! (thanks Firetech). The problem is that libtunepimp is not compiled with mp3 support (libmad0). Simply recompiling libtunepimp after installing libmad(-dev) would fix the problem... and sure it did!

Then I realised that I compiled my amarok packages on my "tainted" Kubuntu system. I have KDE 3.4.2 running, so it became a dependency, while standard Kubuntu is provided with KDE 3.4.0... not good for users who still use the official packages, and I don't want to force them to upgrade... So I created a build environment with only packages from Ubuntu main repository (no multiverse or universe repositories, for maximum compatiblity).

For the happy Kubuntu users looking for Amarok 1.3 packages with working MusicBrainz support, get the packages from You will need the packages beneath the "amarok", "libtag" and tunepimp directories. (Tunepimp for the mp3 Musicbrainz support).

At least you will need libtag-1.4, libtunepimp-bin, libtunepimp2 and the amarok packages (you don't really need all engines, but they are all available). I used the same package structure as with the official amarok packages, so nothing would break after installation.

Enjoy your music!

Ow yes... maybe some day I should create an apt-repository for these packages, so for now you'll have to install them manually with dpkg...


  1. I used your packages and they work without a problem. Needed to compile libtunepimp to get musicbrainz working though.



  2. That's right, libtunepimp has to be recompiled after installing libmad0. I made a recompiled libtunepimp package avaiable on that download url, beneath the tunepimp directory. Maybe that wasn't clear enough from the article.