Sunday, September 25, 2005

Brainshare 2005

Finally some time post an update here! It's almost a week now since my visit to Novell Brainshare 2005 in Barcelona for work related business. Well, it's acutally a bit longer, but I stayed a few days extra to enjoy the local goodies, and Barcelona plain rocks! At Brainshare I was for most interested in the Linux technical tracks. I saw some really promissing live demo's from the Novell people about stuff they are working on for SLES10 and Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) 10.

Some Linux highlights:
  • Beagle, the new desktop search tool for NLD and SUSE, which performed very well and can scan PDF, mail, Word/Openoffice documents, etc almost realtime!
  • Xen 3, which would be part of SLES10. I saw a live demo of a virtual machine migration (video streaming server was running in it) from one system to another, while a client was streaming a video. The migration took about 20 seconds, but the best part was that the actual switch only resulted in a 1-2 second delay in the video, after which it continued to play!
  • Clustering capabilities: the new heartbeat 2.x branch wouldn't be restricted to only 2 nodes. Tests have been done up to 16 nodes. Together with DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device), one could set up clusters without the need for special hardware (SAN), apart for an UPS or a power switch. Another important improvement is the availability for resource monitoring, which lacks today in heartbeath 1.x
  • Novell Small Business Suite for Linux also looks promissing with the 7.x release, which will be a lot more complete than the current 6.5 release for Linux.
Although I'm a happy Kubuntu user, maybe I'll give OpenSUSE a try after what I've seen...

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