Tuesday, August 30, 2005

smb4k to the rescue

Today I was delighted to finally have a nice application to browse Windows networks. Nothing special you would say... I know Konqueror supports this too with kio_slaves like smb:/ etc... and it does it well, except for one thing... it won't show share names longer than 12 characters, and this can be very annoying in a corporate network. Most of the applications I tried were affected by this Samba long share name "bug"

A work-around was to use the "net" command to find those shares, but then you would have to use the command line tools to also mount the share. Nothing wrong with this, but I was looking for a GUI application that properly integrates with KDE. I didn't find KDE applications that managed to display those shares (apart from this, Nautilus didn't show them either). But the smb4k 0.6+ versions do support them now. That's quite a relief in those cases that the IT staff decided to use long clear names for once... ;-)

From the 0.6.0 changelog:

"Added support of the 'net' command (closes #2227). This adds the advantage of the ADS and RPC protocol being used and even very large share names will be displayed. Additionally, it seems to significantly speed up the lookup process."

Too bad, the default Kubuntu Hoary package (version 0.4.1a-1ubuntu1) cannot yet see those share names longer than 12 characters. So I took the latest source (0.6.1) and turned it into a (K)Ubuntu package. Feel free to download it if you need it...

Still one minor issue... it seems kinit processes keeps the smb mount busy after mounting it, so you have to do a force unmount (it's an option from a right-click menu). But this is a known issue with the smb4k developpers. It probably will get fixed on day. In the mean time, you can do:

$ kill -HUP <pid of kinit process that uses the mount>

Probably, one day this will get fixed too :-)

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