Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot-detach disks with sanlock

Qemu/kvm allows virtual disks (logical volumes, files, ...) to be attached to and detached from a running domain, and it works great (with virtio).  However, when a lock manager is in the game to protect your virtual disks from being assigned to different domains, you might get surprised when you end up loosing all your disk locks from the lock manager for that virtual machine.

What's going on?

Libvirt has a plugin for the sanlock lock manager which protects your virtual disks from being corrupted by getting accessed from multiple guests.  It works nicely, but hot-detaching has a flaw: the current libvirt code will release all sanlock resources (read: when removing 1 disk, protection for all disks get lost)!

I wrote a patch to release only the specific resource that you want to hot-detach.  It can be found in the bug report.  The patch has not been reviewed yet or approved by the libvirt devs, but for me it works as expected, and it may help others who depend on it...

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